Effects of Different Treatments on Decreasing Fruit Drop Rate on Kutdiken Lemon Cultivar

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Citrus, Kutdiken lemon, fruit drop, pruning, foliar fertilizer, late harvest


Turkey takes part in arbiter countries in World lemon production. Between produced lemon varieties in our country, Kutdiken is the most important variety in terms of production and export. However, it is known that fruit drop which directly affects fruit set is very high in lemons. While these fruit drops are being affected from pruning and fertilization factors, besides these, it is also thought to be affected from late harvest of fruits in previous growing period. In this study, the effects of different treatments on fruit drops in Kutdiken lemon variety were investigated. For this purpose, in addition to normal pruning and routine soil fertilization treatments; foliar P, Zn and B fertilizations and late harvest applications were made. The monthly fruit drop percentages were determined by taking monthly fruit numbers remained on the selected branches. As a result of the study, it was determined that the fruit drop percentages were intense in May and June for all treatments and gradually decreased after june. In foliar fertilization treatments, especially the Zn and B included foliar fertilizers were increased fruit set by decreasing early term fruit drops. Late harvest applications, on the other hand, increased fruit drops causing lower fruit set rates than the control treatment. At the same time, fruit drop rates were decreased and last shorter relatively in 2015 compared to 2014. This situation clearly showed the effects of providing well cared trees every year on fruit drops.






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