IKSAD (Institute of Economic Develoment and Social Researches) is established in 2010 to serve as a glue that not only helps the members of the academia to evolve but also helps to develop society in a way that business and government cannot. We in IKSAD are trying to represent the diverse needs and interests of society. Therefore you might be surprised to see how large is the scope of our facilities. As we actively work on sustainability and agriculture to preserving the historical and cultural heritage, which shows us as a cross disciplined team. So the main goals of İKSAD Institute is to help to bridge the gaps between sectors by addressing important issues that may be beyond the capacity of stand alone institutions. At this point we want the academic community to serve as the real engines for political development, economic growth, and social transformation among other things. So mainly our focus group is university communities as they take the lead in transforming knowledge society for a better world.