Inspired Leaderships in Sme’s Located in Agean Region

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competiton,, leadership,, inspired leadership in SME’s


In this study, Leadeship types will be studied. After that ınspirational leadership will be discussed. Then teorithcal base of the inspired leadership will be analized. Excellency in magament for international competition will be studied. After being studied these subjects in teoritical base, a survey will be applied to the SME’s located and operating in agean region especially in Izmir. Inspired leadership survey researche having a questionnary will be conducted to apply to the senior managers of bussines. Questionnary will be prepared by using Likert measurement technique. Questions will be donated with multi choises. Answers will be choosen from these 5 or 4 items. After completing the survey, the collected surveys replies will be gatered and datas will be loaded to the computer and will be compiled by using SPSS computer statistics program. The results will be assesed, evaluated and interpreted. Outcomes will be discussed and offers will be developed. Conclusions will be shared with the puclic.


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