The Effects of Climate Change on the Agriculture Sector of Mardin Province: A Qualitive Research

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Climate change, agriculture, qualitive analysis, Mardin


This study aims to examine the effects of climate change on Mardin where both the arable land and livestock are high and the agriculture-based industry is developed and to realize perspectives of these stakeholders on implemented climate change polices in Mardin. In the study qualitative analysis methods is used and the results are aimed to guide the policies to be applied. In the study, a semi-structured questionnaire is prepared and directed to participants. The data obtained from the research is interpreted by making descriptive and content analyzes. The snowball method is used to create the sample size. Most of the participants directly associated climate change with precipitation and stated that they felt the effect of drought as result of precipitation regime change in the region. In this respect, the effect of climate change in Mardin province is perceived with the degeneration of agricultural activities and drought. However, it is seen that the producers do not take effective precautions against climate change. Agriculture sector has been affected by these extreme wheather events and natural disasters; it has also negative contribution to carbon emission. Therefore, it is important to examine the interaction between climate change and the agricultural sector on a regional basis, to measure the perception levels of relevant stakeholders about the policies implemented, and to determine the individual measures they take against climate change. The study has a unique value in terms of showing the problems of the region with the attitudes of local stakeholders against climate change.


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