Evaluation of Some Parameters in Eggs Coated with Materials Prepared from Aloe Vera Gel and Chitosan

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Coating, aloe vera, chitosan, weight loss, albumen pH, microbiological traits


In this study, the effects of aloe vera gel and chitosan used as egg coating materials on egg weight loss, albumen pH, egg yolk color values (L*, a*, b*) and some microbiological properties (coliform bacteria and yeast-mold) were determined. Therefore, five different groups were formed with a total of 50 fresh (daily) and homogeneous eggs in terms of weight, one of which was control (C) and the other four (T-1, T-2, T-3, T-4) were experimental groups. No coating treatment was applied to eggs in group C. In the experimental groups, four different levels of chitosan (0.25, 0.5, 1 and 1.5 %) and aloe vera gel were used for coating by dipping method.  All eggs were stored in egg viols for four weeks at room temperature. Egg weight loss was evaluated by weekly weighing. Albumen pH, egg yolk color values, coliform bacteria and yeast-mold counts were determined at the end of the experiment. There was no significant difference between the groups in terms of egg albumen pH and yolk color values (P>0.05). However, the effect of coating materials on weekly (P<0.001) and overall (P<0.05) weight loss of eggs was significant. Compared to group C, egg weight loss was lower in all experimental groups in all weeks (P<0.001). Moreover, although coliform bacteria were detected in the group without egg coating (group C), coliform bacteria were not detected in any of the experimental groups. The lowest yeast-mold count was in the T-4 group (2.657 log cfu g-1). In conclusion, coating materials prepared from aloe vera gel and chitosan can be used effectively in preventing egg weight loss and improving some microbiological parameters.      


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